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Solar panel washing in Swindon, United Kingdom

Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide an excellent modern solar panel cleaning service in Swindon.

Clean Cut are proud to offer a professional solar panel cleaning service to Swindon and the surrounding area. It's important to make sure that your solar panels are clean and free of debris so that they not only look smart but that they are operating as efficiently as possible. Over time dirt can build up on solar panels from dust, bird droppings, pollution, etc. this obscures the sunlight hitting the solar panels, reducing amount of energy that can be collected.

We recommend the cleaning of your solar panels every 6 months

What are the benefits from solar panel cleaning?

One of the contributing factors in the drop of efficiency in solar PV panels is the accumulated dust and dirt on your panels. Most manufacturers recommend the cleaning of your solar panels every 6 months. Clean Cut can be a necessary part of the system maintenance as some manufacturers and installers require the cleaning of your solar panel system on a regular basis to maintain its warranty.

To arrange a quote for solar panel cleaning on a home or on commercial property, please get in touch today!

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Pole fed brush cleaning solar panels.

Get your Solar Panel's professionally cleaned with Clean Cut's cleaning services Swindon, UK.

Solar Panel cleaning in Swindon with Clean Cut.
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We use a water fed pole cleaning system with 5 stages of water filtration and a soft bristle brush to provide a high quality clean finish. We are also able to offer window cleaning using traditional techniques should you prefer.

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